Professional Debt Recovery
SHARIQ Partners employs dedicated and trustworthy Accounts Receivable Personnel with years of experience and are proficiently successful  in recovering overdue and outstanding debts and also locating debtors who cannot be found/missing with utmost professionalism.




Area Of Coverage
Our operations cover the entire Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

Whilst every effort will be made to recover all outstanding amounts on a “best-effort” basis, it must be emphasized that in order for us to undertake effective collection activities, complete and full particulars relating to all debts referred to us must be made available. This is to ensure swift action leading to successful recovery of all debts due and owing. All such information disclosed to us will be treated with strict confidentiality.

The Collection Process
We forward to the client upon request copies of all standard forms, letters and dunning materials used by us with a written description of the procedures we use or intend to use in performing our services. Should the client wishes to make any amendments or variations to our materials or methods, we will comply with the client's instructions.

Our collection activity will commence within 48 hours of receipt of the assignment.

A minimum of two actions per week will be performed for every account, a personal visit and closely follow-up until specific payment arrangements are obtained.

All actions taken by us will be documented and reported to the client as agreed.

Payments received and details of all transactions will be documented.

A receipt will be issued for all cash and cheque payments received to validate the process.

All partial payment arrangements or terms of settlement will be referred to the client for approval and documented.

All correspondence between the debtor and our company will be recorded and returned to the client. We undertake to provide safe, satisfactory and secured facilities for all files to us.